The Bride of the Century
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 The Bride Who Melted Our Hearts, and Gave Us Our Dots 

Wedding Bouquets

A Note {From Megan}


Meet Adrienn. Not only is she quite the babe, she is also the very reason why everyday is an adventure to me. I thought she deserved a permanent page on this site, because whether she is aware of this or not, Adrienn is, and always will always be the heart of this company, as well as the inspiration which led me down the happiest path in life.


I’ve always been drawn to radiant, positive people. So Naturally, when i had the pleaure of meeting her, it was as though I had known her for years. She is kind, pure, and always operates with the most genuine of intentions. 


Don’t get me wrong, the girl is tough, and will happily give you a piece of her mind if need be. She’s strong, intelligent, and can hold her own. yah. She’s pretty much the most badass nice person you will ever meet. She sticks up for what is right, and doesn’t doubt herself one step of the way. 


I don’t meet many strong women like her these days, so I am writing this letter to let her know: “I dig your soul, You are my lady hero, and you are an incredibly special human being” 


I love you forever and ever,and maybe a little after that.



We wish you and Bill a lifetime of happiness!


x’s and O’s