Tips for Grooms - A Tad Peculiar
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Tips for Grooms

Dear Grooms: 5 Things to expect 


here is Whats up: Im gonna do you a solid right now.

Here are 5 things that are definitely going to happen during the phase of your engagement, and what you can do to help. for once.


You are not going to understand one single thing that is happening. You won’t know why you are at the meetings you are at, and you just feel like it’s not your job to do this part. Reality: If you think that, then you are the worst. but thats okay. If she said she’s going to marry you, she most likely knows that already.

HOW THIS IS ACTUALLY BENEFICIAL TO YOU: it helps you stay on top of your wedding budget. Usually, theres less push back with vendors who have high pricing if the groom tackles it head on. Trust me. No one wants to hear it.

THINGS to Ease the Pain: Bring a beer. or a computer. you can take notes while you look at stupid fart jokes on your feeds. Win-WIN


The Dumbest things will be the most expensive. and there is nothing you can do about it. I’m sorry. I know. It sucks.

Fix: Each pick one dum thing to splurge on. That way you are both crazy together. in love. like jayz and Beyonce. You are welcome.


You will have to choose Groomsman and they are going to not really care as much as you think they do. Don’t freak out. Then everyone freaks out, then we have a situation.

Fix: A smart groom i had the pleasure of working with did this: sent out an email, copied all his buddies, and told them to figure it out. That way, your in the clear.