Dont DIY Sometimes - A Tad Peculiar
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Dont DIY Sometimes

Dont DIY Yourself Sometimes

The Idea: Cut the budget. Not the Quality.

How? Well. It’s Like Dis N’ Like dat N’ like this N uh…

What they dont tell you: Most of the flowers you see in weddings… you know, the ones that are premiumly exotic and “rare”…. they also happen to be┬ápainted. It’s true. STOP. and listen to me. I know what you are about to do. You are about to go on pinterest, or google “really cool painted wedding flowers”. Then some crazy person’s blog will pop up and tell you to just use nail polish. Its cool. Its cheap. Its DIY. this would be a rather lovely path to go down, if you would like to look like a crazy crackhead at 4am when you finally decide you give up and fall asleep with nail polish in your hair. Wouldn’t it be mean if i just ended my paragraph here? The answer is no. Call a florist. you crazy.


You aren’t going to call a florist are you?